Chinese online Newspapers

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Providing online resource for expatriates moving to or working in china's major cities.

Beijing Review
Here you can see National news magazine and also reporting of the country's social, political, economic and culture affairs.

Beijing This Month
Provide online information on
culture, tourist information and investment policies and opportunities.

CCTV International
Here you can see online English-language 24-hours news channel of China Central Television. Site also offers daily update news, photo's and many more.

China Brief
Providing analysis of China's events and trends.

China Daily
Providing English language Chinese newspaper.

China Digital Times
Here you can see news weblog covering china's social and political transition and its emerging role in the global community.

China Internet Information Center
From here you get the new up to date about Chinese history, politics, economics and culture.

China Now
Here you can see a Independence magazine reporting on economic, social, and culture.

China Perspective
Reporting daily market warp, in-death features and also report from industry.

China Radio International
Here you can see site features
comprehensive news and information on bothn Chinese international topics.

China Securities Journal
Providing Financial and industry news sources.

China Today
Here you can see monthly magazine covering all aspects of society and culture in china.

Providing online video network and also provide seven channels of video like BizWatch, Travel, LifeStyle, Learning, Chinese Cuisine, and many more.
Here you can see Shanghai-based China news portal.

Economic Observer
Providing English edition of the weekly Chinese newspaper with news and commentary
on politics, economics, finance, and culture.

Jongo News
Giving online news which is based on UK media website
delivering expansive news on China.

People's Daily
Here you can see online party newspaper offering selective news and comment on national or international relation.

PLA Daily
Provide online Military newspaper of Chinese People's Liberation Army.

Shanghai Daily
Here you can see a leading newspaper in the
Shanghai region.

Shanghai Star
Providing weekly tabloid report on people in Shanghai and neighbouring regions.

Shenzhen Daily
You can see here Newspaper covering regional.

Providing News and information online from Chinese newspaper.

South China Morning Post
Giving daily online news from Hongkong's premier English-language newspaper.

Xinhua News Agency
Here you can see state news and also major news from china.